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Since 1979 I have had an Amateur Radio licence, and have held the callsigns VK3VRX VK3YRY VK3CDI VK7CDI VK3CD and finally - VK3RX.

Here is a pix of the station - click on the thumbnail for a larger image:


And another - this is what keeps this end of the house from blowing away:

Top: Eddystone 1830/1 Centre: Collins 51J-4 Bottom: Collins R390A

Amateur Radio operators often exchange verification ("QSL") cards to confirm that a radio contact has taken place. These QSL cards may simply be a memento of the contact, or they can be used to obtain various awards. Here is a small selection of QSL cards in my collection. The first few are for radio contact with the Space Shuttle and MIR.

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The following links provide information on some interesting modes and activities related to amateur radio.

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What is Amateur Radio, and how do I get started?

Wireless Institute of Australia

VK3YE Amateur Radio

American Radio Relay League

ARISS - Amateur Radio on the International Space Station

Amateur Radio Forums

Australian Ham Radio Discussion forum - Australia & New Zealand discussion forum 

SSTV - Slow Scan Television

Intro to sstv

Morse Code

.The Morse Code Pages

HF Mobile


Digital modes


AM - Amplitude Modulation