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Antique Radio

EVATCO - Electronic Valve and Tube Company - a source of just about every valve you might need

Historical Radio Society of Australia

Classic Radio Gallery - Premier antique radio site with lots of useful data

Tubes 201 - how vacuum tubes really work

TDSL Tubesearch - vacuum tube data

Computer Security

Lavasoft - remove that spyware you've picked up (without knowing it) with Ad-Aware freeware

Gibson Research - test your PC security. Click on "Shields Up", then "Hot Spots > Shields Up", then "Test my Shields" & "Probe my Ports".

Mailwasher - a mail filtering program. Get rid of that spam and infected mail before you download it from your ISP.

Other useful links

How Stuff Works - when your son or daughter asks (or you wonder yourself) "How does a jet engine work?" or similar

The Red Book - how much is your car worth?

View a satellite footprint

Australian HF Radio Networks

Australian HF Touring Club Inc. - Australia's Premier Social HF Radio and Touring Club

Amateur Radio/technical data

AC6V Ham Radio and DX Reference Guide - a comprehensive source of just about everything relating to amateur radio

Collins Collectors Association - for aficionados of Collins equipment

WA3KEY Virtual Collins Radio Museum - and much more of the above, along with many pix, specs and other data

Collins Compendium on the Web - Ian McLean's site, with much good info on Collins gear

AOR manuals

Icom manuals

Manual Man - commercial copies of operating and service manuals

Rig Pix - heaps of pix of communications gear including scanners and some specs.

Schematics of many rigs - modifications for many radios - many reviews of amateur radio equipment and other information

VK Classifieds - radio comunictions gear for sale and wanted - premier Australian site

Peter Parker VK3YE's site - amateur radio site with information on the hobby and much more

Internet Radio Linking Project pages

Australian Ham Radio Discussion Forum - Australia & New Zealand Amateur Radio discussion forum

Radio Scanning/Receivers

MILSATCOM -- data on the U.S. military Fleet SATCOM series of satellites and others

Australian Radio Scanning sites


Bathurst/Mt. Panorama

Newcastle Area Frequency Guide


South Australia

South Australian Scanning


RF Group Tasmania


Emergency Services Victoria

Western Australia

Western Australia Scanner Users Group


Australian Communications Authority database

State Selection

Aussie Scanners